Tor Pingree

for Worcester

Tor Pingree

for Worcester

Tor Pingree

for Worcester

Vote Tor Pingree on Thursday 4th July

Meet Tor

I’m standing to be your new MP to change things for the better. I promise to use my skills and experience to stand up for you.

Born and raised in Worcester, I have been a City Councillor for St Clement since May 2023.

The recent local election results showed just how much support there is for the Green Party across Worcester City – more residents voted Green than for any other party.

This shows that local people are concerned about the serious environmental issues that we are all now facing.  Most climate scientists now think that global warming is inevitable, and we urgently need more Greens in Westminster to influence policy at the highest level.

Labour is rolling back its green ambitions, and the Conservatives are in chaos. The only way to ensure that the country can effectively tackle some of the major problems coming our way is to vote for the Green Party at the next General Election.

My top priorities are strengthening our local economy, improving public services, and protecting nature.

Worcester needs an effective and principled MP. People are ready for change.

I’m here to listen to you and represent you as a strong champion for Worcester in Westminster! 

Tor with councillors
Worcester election votes 2024

Worcester local election votes in May 2024


Renew our Economy

Tackle the cost of living crisis and make the UK fit for the future


Repair our NHS

Invest in the vital public services we all rely on and support frontline workers

River campaign

Restore our Rivers

Bring the Severn back to life and protect nature and wildlife

Voice for Worcester

The number one complaint I hear from residents: “The politicians don’t listen to us in Worcester”.

For too long there has been no voice for local people at Westminster. Tor will be a strong voice for Worcester.

Action to Protect Nature

Whether it’s river pollution, protection of our wildlife or tackling climate change, it’s clear we must change our national priorities.

As Green MP for Worcester, Tor will demand action to protect nature.

Greens can win

The Green Party keeps winning local elections here and is strong enough to take on the main parties. At the next General Election, the choice is clear:
It’s Tor or the usual parties in Worcester.

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Green Party publishes its manifesto

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